It is very difficult to maintain attention when one’s power is in decline. During long-term sport activities or long trips spent behind the wheel it is almost impossible. GUTAR ENERGY SHOT is just the right help for the moments when the concentration decreases. GUTAR ENERGY SHOT is a real charge of energy, which contains functional substances supporting concentration. These substances include extracts from guarana, green tea or ginseng. Other active ingredients are the popular L-carnitine, the amino acid L-arginine and also taurine. Enriched with vitamin B6, which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and to normal energy metabolism.

  • without sugar
  • extract from ginseng
  • vitamin B6
  • 1000 mg Taurine
  • 700 mg extract from guarana
  • 500 mg L-carnitine
  • 200 mg L-arginine

Unit size:  

  • 60 ml

Units in display:

  • 20x 60 ml 

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